a room of my own


Sources: chair, loveseat, flowers, rug


My “office” in our townhome is a metal parsons desk from West Elm (which I love!), a hard plastic chair from Ikea (which I loathe!) and a bulletin board above it… all situated in between a window to the patio and our couch. It’s not the worst set-up in the world, as I enjoy being downstairs and near my husband while I’m working at night. But, there’s no real separation and it gets hard when I need to be on the phone and Dave is home… and we’re both in the middle of the family room (one of us with the TV on mute)… or when I should be cooking dinner or spending time with my family and instead rush over to the computer at every “ding.” Some of that is just self-discipline, I know, but I would like my own space so that I can close myself in, or close it off at the end of the day.

In our new home, I’m going to get my wish – an office downstairs complete with glass french doors that provide that separation if need be. I’ve been day-dreaming about how I will outfit my new office… in addition to adding this table (currently being used as a tiny kitchen table) for spreading papers out, I’d like to add a navy blue velvet sofa, a soft rug underfoot and (this is a must!) a big, comfy chair to replace my hard plastic impossible-to-sit-cross-legged-in chair.

One of my favorite offices is Emily Henderson’s, which provides more than enough inspiration for me. I particularly love the blue vintage rug…


Emily Henderson’s office

What do you think? Any office must-haves I’m forgetting about? I have the boring stuff, like a big printer/scanner and a filing cabinet (of course).

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5 thoughts on “a room of my own

    • lighting! Such a great call. I will have to start researching… in addition to task lighting, now my mind is whirling thinking of a cool chandelier-type fixture for the room as well…

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